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Lectures at the Centre for Real Estate

The acquisition of basic knowledge and skills in real estate economics and management in combination with an understanding of sustainable development principles, sustainable construction techniques and sustainability assessment methodologies forms a good starting point for a future career within the property (real estate) industry.

The series of lectures offered (in German language) at the Centre for Real Estate are targeted at under- and post-graduate students of business engineering, civil engineering and architecture. Students of other KIT study paths as well as registered guest students are very welcome.

The Centre for Real Estate strives to follow the Six Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME).

The following series of lectures are offered:

Bachelor programme (Lectures of the Institute of Sustainable Management of Housing and Real Estate - ÖÖW):

  • Real Estate Management - Part I and II 
  • Sustainable Construction - Part I and II 

Master programme (Lectures of the RICS/KIT Shared Professorship - SP):

  • Real Estate Economics and Sustainability - Part I und II 

The educational strategy within the Bachelor programme follows a top-down approach providing students, first of all, with knowledge on the general principles of sustainable development. This is followed by explaining the application of these principles to the industry and profession. Subsequently, connections to real estate specific problems, methodologies and solution spaces are made.

Within the Master programme the educational strategy follows more a bottom-up approach: specific problems and methodologies (notably valuation / investment analysis) are addressed within the overall context of sustainable development. This is taken as a starting point for explaining the role and significance of the industry and the profession in contributing to sustainable development. The focus is on closing knowledge / skill gaps in current professional practice.

There are no special entry / admission requirements to attend the lectures. However, participating in the lectures of the Bachelor programme is recommended as a basis for attending the lectures within the Master programme. The lecture series Sustainable Construction can also be attended within the Studium Generale.

Close contacts to the KIT Departments of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Geo and Environmental Sciences, and Humanities and Social Sciences as well as to industry partners and practitioners support the Centre for Real Estate’s holistic and interdisciplinary approach to education. 

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