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Research profile

Research activities at the Centre for Real Estate involve participation in European and international joint research projects, provisioning of advice and preparation of studies for public authorities / institutions at Federal and State level, and targeting of specific research questions for the construction, housing and real estate industry.   

Special experiences exist in the following areas: development and testing of planning and assessment tools; analytical / conceptual pervasion of complex interrelationships (e.g. between environmental, economic and social aspects of building performance); empirical analyses and surveys / polls; and research project coordination.  

The main emphasis of research at the Centre for Real Estate is on the following areas: 
  • Integration of sustainability aspects into the processes and methods of property valuation, risk assessment, and portfolio analysis / management,
  • Support for the development of sustainability concepts and management approaches for real estate organisations and professional bodies,
  • Collection and interpretation of energy performance information and assessment of the advantageousness of energy-optimised buildings,
  • Application and further development of life cycle analyses (LCA / LCC),
  • Further development of basics and principles for sustainability reporting within the construction and real estate sector,
  • Development and evaluation of concepts for sustainable real estate investment vehicles,  
  • Application and further development of energy performance certificates and building files / building passports, and
  • Further development of holistic educational / training concepts for property professionals.

The research carried out at the Centre for Real Estate is regularly set up for discussion at national / international conferences, has been published in peer-reviewed journals and won several academic awards


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