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Profile of the Centre for Real Estate

Profil des Fachbereichs Immobilienwirtschaft

The Real Estate (Property) industry represents a part of our economy which is concerned with the development and transformation, marketing, management, and financing of undeveloped and developed land (real property), including all preceding and succeeding services.

Real Estate assets (buildings) serve a variety of purposes: for users/occupants they are either production factors or consumer goods; they are capital investments for landlords and sales product for manufacturers.

Real Estate significantly contributes to the growth, employment level and wealth of an economy AND has the largest single share in resource use and pollution emissions compared to all other industry sectors. In addition, the quality of buildings impacts on the appeal and appearance of quarters, cities and regions. Above all, buildings impact on health and comfort of users/occupants; buildings represent the space where people spent about 80% of their lifetime.

As such, the real estate industry is not only an important part of our economy but also considerably impacts on the quality of the environment and the quality of life within societies. For this reason, the real estate industry represents a key sector for implementing the principles of sustainable development.

The Centre for Real Estate serves the growing demand for multidisciplinary and application-oriented research and education within the real estate sector. The main objective is to integrate the principles of sustainable development into real estate research, education and professional practices. This shall contribute to the transformation towards both, a more sustainable industry sector and a more sustainable overall economy.      

Research and education at the Centre for Real Estate are focused on the following three thematic areas:

  • Planning and Construction
  • Management
  • Valuation, Assessment & Analysis                       

The Centre for Real Estate closely cooperates with other departments and faculties at KIT, other research institutions, industry partners, public authorities and non-profit-organisations.

Profil im Fachbereich Immobilienwirtschaft